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  • INSTANT NECK PAIN RELIEF -- Get instant pain relief and maximum comfort with 5 massage modes: kneading, shiatsu, percussion, acupuncture and comprehensive mode. Each mode matches the dexterity of a trained masseur’s hands. Whether you prefer a light, medium or deep tissue massage, you can get what you need from the 15 adjustable intensity levels in this cordless neck massager.
  • 3 METAL PULSE PADS & 2 EXTENDED MASSAGE PATHES -- Increase contact area by 33% with the 3 metal pulse pads built into the neck massager, delivering comfortable massage all the way down to the pain trigger points. In addition to the neck massage, 2 extended massage patches are included, so you can instantly release tension throughout your neck, back, shoulders and legs, customize your massage experience with maximum results in minimum time, and greatly improve your overall health.
  • MAXIMIZE COMFORT WITH HEAT THERAPY -- The neck massager has a heat therapy function that instantly alleviates aching joints and muscles by transferring warmth to them, melts away your stress faster with increased blood circulation, which effectively relieves migraine caused by a stiff neck and poor blood circulation. Updated with an intelligent NTC sensor, which precisely controls the temperature at a constant, comfortable 107.6°F to avoid overheating.
  • EASY-TO-USE REMOTE CONTROL -- Works right out of the box without any setting. Adjusting massage mode and strength is a piece of cake, since a remote control with comprehensive display is included. Skin-friendly silicone and highly flexible frame make the neck massager suitable for all neck sizes. With clean lines and a simple, ergonomic design, it looks like a fashionable headphone, so using the neck massager for pain relief anytime and anywhere will not be awkward.
  • INCREDIBLY LONG-LASTING BATTERY -- A large-capacity, rechargeable battery is included. One charge allows you to enjoy your electric pulse neck massager for up to 20 days (15 minutes per day). Charge it with a portable charger, computer USB port or phone charger. Please use no more than 30 minutes per day, and 15 minutes per session. The neck massager is set to auto-turn off after 15 minutes of use or 60 seconds of being idle to prevent overuse or leaving it on.

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