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  • Military Standard Validation - Our rugged men's smartwatch has undergone rigorous tests in extreme conditions, ensuring its durability and reliability. Crafted from a special composite material and encased in robust metal, this timepiece is as tough as they come. It has been subjected to low-temperature, high-temperature, salt spray, waterproof, and dust resistance tests, making it the perfect companion for swimming, diving, hiking, climbing, skiing, and other outdoor pursuits. With its rugged design and unwavering performance, this fitness watch is ready to conquer any adventure you embark on
  • Industry-Leading Dual Smart Chips - Elevate your smartwatch experience with our revolutionary technology. Seamlessly integrated into our watch, you'll find both AI voice assistant and Bluetooth calling functionalities. Harness the power of voice commands as you effortlessly interact with the built-in AI assistant. From asking questions to playing your favorite tunes, checking the weather, setting alarms, and timers, your voice is all you need.But that's not all. Our smartwatch takes convenience to the next level by enabling hands-free phone calls through the AI assistant. No more fumbling for your phone during workouts or in situations where handling your device is inconvenient
  • Super Long-Lasting Battery - Our smartwatch redefines endurance with its massive 350mAh battery, offering double the performance and lifespan of traditional models. Thanks to our cutting-edge AI algorithm, power consumption is minimized for optimal efficiency. Experience up to 14 days of normal use or an impressive 50 days of standby time, with 3-5 days of deep usage on a single charge. Even during low-power situations, just 30 minutes of charging provides enough backup power for essential features like sports tracking and health monitoring. With our AI technology, bid farewell to battery anxiety and embrace uninterrupted productivity and performance
  • Unleash Your Fitness Potential with Advanced Sports Tracking and Health Monitoring - Our smartwatch is the ultimate companion for your active lifestyle. With support for 107 sports modes, including swimming, running, hiking, rock climbing, and more, it ensures that every workout is meticulously tracked with unparalleled accuracy. But this watch does more than just track your activities. It's equipped with advanced real-time monitoring functions to collect crucial health data. Keep a close eye on your heart rate, sleep patterns, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels. With timely health insights, you can adjust your habits and strive towards a healthier lifestyle
  • Intelligent Message Reminder - Stay connected and never miss a beat with our smartwatch. It seamlessly connects to your phone, delivering notifications for calls, messages, and other essential apps right to your wrist. Say goodbye to missed calls and important information.But that's not all. Our watch goes beyond just message reminders. It offers a range of convenient features to simplify your life. From sedentary reminders to alarms, stopwatches, remote camera control, Do Not Disturb mode, weather forecasts, and customizable watch faces, it's designed to make your life effortlessly convenient. Experience the power of seamless connectivity and intelligent features
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