ALKAI M1 Massage Gun

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Description: Targeted massage therapy in the palm of your hand.

The ALKAI M1 Percussion Massage Gun comes with 3 modes (4 speed settings for each mode). Fitness mode is perfect for athletes and gym-goers, medical mode is great for point to point local treatment and health mode is great for leisure and relaxation.

The ALKAI M1 Percussion Massage Gun delivers up to 3200 brush strokes per minute. Choose from 6 different massage heads, each for different muscle groups and one of the massage head built in advanced heat function transfers warmth to muscles; great for getting rid of lactic acid, relieving relief, tension and tightness, aiding with recovery, and increasing blood circulation and range of motion. Long-life rechargeable battery ensures you can use for 9-20 hours on a single charge.


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